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About School Parent Council

Every parent or guardian of a Beethoven-Ohrenberger student is automatically a member of the School Parent Council. The SPC works closely with the schools to recommend enrichment programs, sponsor events, solve problems, and raise funds for special school activities. It’s also a fun way to get to know other families in the community and work together for the benefit of all the children. Learn more about BPS School Parent Council guidelines here.

Get involved!

1. Sign up for the Parent Council Facebook page.

 2. Send us an email to join the Parent Council mailing list. 

3. Attend a monthly meeting.  Meetings are held the second Tuesday or Thursday of the month, alternating each month between the Ohrenberger Library and the Beethoven gym. Free childcare is provided.

4. If you’d like to lead or volunteer for a specific event, please email for more information.

5. All Parents and Guardians who would like to volunteer need to complete a CORI. Click here for instructions.

Visit the calendar to keep up with school-wide events and the Parent/Site Council meeting schedule.

We look forward to a great year together!


Parent Council Norms

The Beethoven-Ohrenberger Parent Council is open to all parents of the schools and we encourage everyone to attend.

In order to have a welcoming and open community, we ask all attendees to:

  • Assume best intentions
  • Be respectful
  • Allow for all voices to be heard

We welcome differing opinions and want everyone to feel that the meeting space is a positive environment in which we can build a strong community and further enrich and support our schools.

We also strive to respect your time commitment by starting and ending meetings on time and by adhering to the agenda.


Parent Council Minutes

View the Parent Council Minutes from our September and October Meetings.

Parent Council Subcommittees

TERMS OF REFERENCE: Beethoven-Ohrenberger Family Engagement Committee SY 2018-2019

  • Purpose of the Family Engagement CommitteeThe committee was created to increase and improve family engagement at the Beethoven/Ohrenberger schools.

    Responsibilities of the Family Engagement Committee

    • Build a sense of community where families are supported and included. Hear, respect, and represent the voices of all families.
    • Co-create a supportive environment and structure within schools where families can share concerns, praise and idea
    • Collaboration between parents/families and teachers/administrators in order to increase and sustain two-way communication.
    • Identify and/or create tools and resources that will help families/parents of the schools to stay informed and engaged.
    • Increase the numbers of families that attend school-based activities, fundraisers, and meetings (SPC, SSC, etc.)
    • Create transparency and regularly inform Parent Council meeting attendees of actions taken by the Family Engagement Committee.


    Monthly meeting during 6:30-7:30 pm time-slot once a month. Exact day determined through Doodle poll. Meeting will be held when majority is available. Principals at both schools are also invited to attend Family Engagement Committee meetings.

    Proposed Members

    The Family Engagement Committee is made up Beethoven-Ohrenberger parent volunteers of children enrolled in the schools, and is a subcommittee of the Beethoven-Ohrenberger School Parent Council.

    New members are always welcome. 

    Current members include:

    Mette Arnmark
    Erin Hannon-Foley
    Rachael Harris
    Jen Kropveld-Boucher
    Joe Tierney

Site Council

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Site Council Minutes

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